Agricultural machinery refers to the various machines used in agriculture (tractors, combine harvesters, etc.), as well as, by extension, all the economic or industrial systems aimed at developing the use of these machines to replace labor. work or / and to increase agricultural productivity.

With plant breeding and the increased use of inputs, the replacement of animal traction by motorized traction constitutes one of the central dimensions of the modernization of agriculture, developing during the XXrd century towards an ergonomic model of intensive agriculture. Machinery, inputs and plant breeding go hand in hand for agricultural production.

This space on the "machinery & innovation" pole, offers over 100 years of agricultural machinery evolution on one site. With the participation of members of the association Labor Passion which traces more than 100 years of agricultural machinery to concessions offering the tractors and tools of tomorrow, the entire evolution of agricultural machinery over the last 2 centuries was represented.
As well as all the breeding equipment (restraint, pen, tunnel, silo, etc.) and today's cooperative systems through the different CUMA of the Pyrenees chain.