The environment is understood as all the natural components of the planet: air, water, atmosphere, rocks, plants, animals, and all the phenomena and interactions that take place there, it that is, everything that surrounds Man and his activities.

This sector is located on the "environment & wood" pole where the emphasis around sustainable development will be put forward. Many practical and fun activities have made it possible to realize the actions carried out or to be carried out on a daily basis for a better future.

The notion of wood industry is a macro-sector, which globally refers to the entire chain of actors who cultivate, cut, transport, transform, market and recycle or destroy wood; from the source (forest, grove, scattered trees, etc.) to the end user or at the end of the object's life.

This sector was present on the “environment & wood” pole, allowing to discover all the players in the sector, from the logger, sawyer, processor and distributor as well as the inter-professional organization. A European round of sports logging brought the event aspect of this pole.