Agroecology is a set of agricultural theories and practices nourished or inspired by knowledge of ecology, agronomic science and the agricultural world.

In fact, these various dimensions of theory, practice and movements are expressed in interaction with each other, but in different ways depending on the environment or region.

This space allows you to discover many educational actions around the ground, in particular the presence of a maze of corn, a soil pit, the establishment of a plant cover and strips of honey produced by Valley of Biscay as well as an educational apiary and thus understand the soil cycle in its entirety.

Market gardening (or market gardening or market gardening) is the cultivation of plants for food use, in a professional manner, that is to say with the aim of making a profit or simply living from it, which distinguishes it from gardening .

This space allows the discovery of a real market garden animated by the association The gardens of Comminges, who presented their profession, which is also their passion.