Around childhood and youth in order to educate and transmit the values ​​of these beautiful professions and to support the installations of future generations.

The exhibition Les Pyrénéennes has become over time an event that discover each child throughout their schooling, from kindergarten to university.
This allows them to gradually explore the different sectors of the agricultural world and to create a common thread between the generations.
As a result, this event takes a new turn which will promote all childhood and youth in order to enable them and give them the means to concretely discover the human and professional opportunities in the rural and agricultural world.
The first concrete actions will take place from this edition with the opening of a day moreover in order to accommodate schoolchildren from the territory but also from neighboring rural, peri-urban and urban areas.
A "Les Pyrénéennes" trophy will be delivered for the first time, this one will win the youth competitions organized in the different structures participating in the show.

Sharing this discovery between different young audiences is one of the challenges of this edition.

Concretely …

Upstream of the show

Several actions were implemented upstream of the show such as:

  • Workshops, events and projects carried out on the themes of the show: agriculture, eating well, short circuits, the Pyrenees, rurality, sustainable development, the environment, etc. by the services of the Community of Municipalities.
  • Actions around green tourism are also proposed by our partners
  • Proposals for educational actions with schools, colleges and high schools in the area in conjunction with our partners

On the show

At the show, the activities offered will also be adapted to schoolchildren by the services of the Community of Municipalities and partners, exhibitors and breeders.

Allowing our young people to experience the agricultural world and its sectors in a concrete way thanks to this show, will help us to build the agriculture and rurality of tomorrow. 

Christophe Lafforgue, Director of the show