An edition that will allow children to concretely discover the human and professional opportunities of the rural and agricultural world.

The show will host the Thursday and Friday all schoolchildren of our territory but also of our neighboring territories.
To build the future you have to know how to transmit, so as for several editions already, the classes will be hosted by a pair made up of a farmer and students from the agricultural sector.

During the 4 days, breeders, partners and exhibitors will adapt their content in order to concretely explain to children their role, their missions and their profession. They will propose have a large number of workshops and activities, For example :

  • A soil pit to explain the study of the soil in detail and observe the soil from the surface to the underlying rock or its weathering. 
  • Plant covers, in order to present the diversity of the varieties used. 
  • Actions to promote good agroecological practices.
  • The explanation of the organization of a cattle auction.
  • Demonstrations of trades related to Agriculture.
  • The discovery of the protected breeds of the Pyrenees chain.
  • Demonstrations of agricultural equipment.
  • Exhibitions and materials to understand pastoralism.
  • The discovery of an educational farm.
  • An educational apiary and the discovery of the complete chain of honey extraction, from the increase to the potting.
  • Recognition of forage plants and seeds & dynamic rotating pasture.
  • The guided tour of the mini estive and the discovery of the pastoral shelter.
  • The discovery of quality regional products.
  • From “farm to fork”: understanding the product transformation chain, from upstream to the processor.
  • ...

The early childhood, childhood, youth service, the Azimut social center, the regional MJCs … Will offer children throughout the weekend activities, games, workshops,… on the theme of the Pyrenees, on the intergenerational pole.

The vocations & talents of tomorrow.