It is undeniable that cattle shows made the show famous, it is a great joy for us to welcome many of them for the 2024 edition:

6 national:

  • Blonde d'Aquitaine,
  • TOP 100 Gascon of the Pyrenees,
  • Charolais
  • Bazadais
  • TOP 100 Prim'Holstein
  • TOP 100 Limousin

Sevres vases

Awarded by the President of the Republic, these are the highest awards for national cattle competitions.
In 2021, during the 12nd edition, the Deputy Prefect of Saint-Gaudens presented these distinctions to:

  • Arsicaud breeding from Charente-Maritime (17) for the national Blonde d'Aquitaine
  • Respaud breeding d'Ariège (09) for the TOP 100 Gascony of the Pyrenees
  • Besson Bassignac breeding in Cantal (15) for the TOP 100 Prim'Holstein

Competitions interregional, regional, interdepartmental and departmental:

  • Brune des Alpes (interregional),
  • Montbéliard (regional),
  • Fat farm calves from Comminges and fat cows (departmental)

And breed presentations

  • Abundance,
  • Aubrac,
  • Jersey

Also competitions in other sectors:

  • Tarasconnais (national)
  • Draft horses (regional),
  • herding dogs,
  • Poultry and rabbit farming (interregional),

All will highlight the animals and will be the testimony of the work of the breeders.

Competitions dedicated to young people:

Transmission being the theme of this edition, the various partners also offer competitions dedicated to young people:

  • Ovinpiades (interdepartmental),
  • Competition for young leaders (cattle breeds),
  • Judgment (beef cattle),
  • National cattle restraint competition

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