During the 4 days, many activities will be offered to you at the poles in order to explain and highlight all the sectors.

Livestock & pastoralism 

This 6 hectare pole will highlight all the farms (excluding cattle) and pastoralism, you will be able to discover, among others:

  • a mini summer holiday which will aim to recall the principles and methods of sharing between professionals and mountain tourists,
  • reconnaissance of fodder trees and plantations,
  • demonstrations of dynamic rotating grazing and fast fencing,
  • the Conservatory of regional biological heritage will present the actions carried out to preserve certain Pyrenean strains,
  • Pyrenean sheep breeds such as Tarasconnaise, Romane, Castillonaise, Lourdaise ... in a sheepfold of 800 m², a shearing room with demonstrations and sorting of wool ...
  • animal restraint enclosures with demonstrations,
  • understand animal restraint with the virtual reality device for cattle restraint and building design,
  • the herding dogs with demonstrations in order to admire their incredible work with delicacy,
  • the equine sector with a large number of horses, donkeys, mules and their competitions, shows, traction demonstrations ...
  • the open-air enclosure dedicated to Black pigs from Bigorre,
  • 800 m² dedicated to the poultry and rabbit industry with the creation of a pond in order to discover the animals in their natural environment,
  • beekeeping and the complete chain of honey extraction, from breeding to potting and also the life of the hive and the manipulations necessary for its proper development
  • ...


On this pole of more than 20 m² covered, you will be able to discover the work of the breeders and the breeds present on the Pyrenees chain with more than 000 animals on display.
During the 4 days many competitions will take place as well as presentations, the suckling of the calves under the mother ...

Equipment & innovations

Many activities will be offered on this pole combining work of yesteryear and tomorrow, you will be able to:

  • remind you of the work of our ancestors with the demonstrations of old-fashioned threshing,
  • admire one of the largest gatherings of old tractors in France, organized by the association Labor passion,
  • understand the missions of the CUMA (cooperative for the use of agricultural equipment) Ariège and Haute-Garonne,
  • discover the agricultural equipment for construction, restraint, feeding, assistance, for buildings ... and the machinery of today and tomorrow with the static presentation of local agricultural dealers. Some of them will also offer dynamic demonstrations to explain how they work.
  • ...

Plant agroecology & market gardening

This pole will allow you to understand the soil, how plants grow and certain principles of biodiversity, you will be able to:

  • admire varieties of honey plants (which produce nectar that the bees will use to make honey) with different bands and the work of bees in their educational apiary,
  • study and observe the soil from the surface to the underlying rock with a soil pit,
  • stroll through the corn maze and take a short break in its center listening to tales from the Pyrenees,
  • discover the maintenance of hedges, the use of wood mulching,
  • listen to testimonials from young farmers on the integration of plant cover,
  • contemplate and learn thanks to a vegetable garden of more than 300 m², how vegetables grow,
  • ...

The Pyrenees Village

In the center of the Village, a 40 m² chalet dedicated to the promotion of the products of the village, with tastings, demonstrations and culinary workshops animated all weekend by the association of Pot chefs (cooks of collective catering and above all friends) eager to highlight the know-how, quality local products and those who produce them.

The exhibitors will also make you discover their quality products and will offer you activities around them.


You will discover the interprofessions of beef and sheep meat, milk, including Interbev (bovine interprofession) which will offer you various activities: a game on the environment and nutritional balance with a breeder and a dietitian as well as student butchers. Butchers and the Haute-Garonne butchers' union will be doing cutting demonstrations and tastings.

Environment & wood

On this pole, our wish was to welcome all the actors of the sectors.

Regarding the environment, the focus will be on sustainable development.
Numerous partners and stakeholders such as the 7 local river unions, the Comminges-Pyrénées Country Climate Plan service associated with the Cœur & Coteaux Comminges, Pyrénées Haut-Garonnaises and Cagire Garonne Salat communities of municipalities ... will offer practical and fun activities in order to explain to as many people as possible renewable energies, the actions carried out or to be carried out on a daily basis for a better future.
The hunting and fishing federations will show you the different actions they take on a daily basis to preserve biodiversity.

Concerning wood, all the actors will be present, from the forest operator, sawyer, processor and distributor as well as the inter-profession. In addition, the Federation of CUMA 09-31 and SIVOM will offer you demonstrations of crusher and splitter.
Finally, a European round of Timbersports® (ax, mat and chainsaw cutting events) will bring the festive aspect to this space.

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