One of the 4 major axes of this edition was "Events" with the aim of highlighting the image of those who live in the heart of the massif and the desire to share festive and convivial moments together, and the 4 days have indeed been!
With among others:

  • the screening of the film “Les cèbes de Charlemagne” (Catinou and Jacouti)
  • the burning of the brandon of the Pyrenees, carried out by the volunteer brandonniers of Régades,
  • the radio program "The real voices of Sud Radio",
  • the free concerts of the Chanteurs du Mont-Royal, Nadau, Free Sangria,
  • the musical performances of the Fantaskes, the Fréros de la Pena, A Vista des Nas, the Airetères, the 6 groups and bandas, the Festisud podium…