This pole has been completely redesigned, over an area of 60 000 m², 10 spaces (mini summer pasture, pastoralism, horses, sheepfold, breed conservatory, poultry farming & rabbit farming, herding dogs, containment enclosure, beekeeping and the village square) et
1 animals exposed, it has made it possible to highlight all these sectors.
He also welcomed different competitions : draft horses, herding dogs, sheep, pigeons, rabbits, poultry & palmipeds, Pyrenean Ovinpiades.
And of many events, such as, among others, demonstrations of bovine and ovine restraint and handling, helicopter transport of pastoral equipment, guided tours of the mini summer pasture, shows and demonstrations of work and
training of horses and donkeys, recognition of fodder trees and plantations, demonstrations of quick fencing, ultrasound demonstrations, demonstrations of sorting wool after shearing, photo exhibitions and
conferences on pastoralism…