Under 15 m² of structures, about ten breeds were present: Blonde d'Aquitaine, Gasconne des Pyrénées, Prim'Holstein, Limousine, Montbéliarde, Charolaise, Brune des Alpes, Abondance, Bazadaise, Aubrac, Calves under the Mother as well as beef cattle, i.e. a sum of 1 cattle exposed.
The national competitions (Blonde d'Aquitaine, Gasconne des Pyrénées & Prim'Holstein), regional (Charolaise & Brune des Alpes), interdepartmental (Montbéliarde, Abondance, Bazadaise & Limousine) and departmental (Farmers fattened calves from
Comminges and fat cows) were admired by the public who came in large numbers, but also present remotely with the live broadcast of the blond and Gascon competitions and the online auctions for beef cattle, a first for Les Pyrénéennes!